Volkswagen India Helps Car Owners Affected by Floods in Tamil Nadu

Learn about how Volkswagen India is supporting customers impacted by recent floods in Tamil Nadu. From extra service help to easy insurance claims, this blog shares the practical assistance provided during this tough time.

After heavy rains and flooding in Tamil Nadu, Volkswagen India is showing its commitment to customers by offering assistance during tough times. This blog explores the caring steps taken by Volkswagen India to support car owners dealing with the aftermath of the natural disaster. From extra service support to specialized care, find out how the automaker is making a positive impact in the lives of those facing challenges after the floods.

Giving a Helping Hand: Extra Service Support

Volkswagen India is doing something wonderful by extending extra service support to customers affected by the floods in Tamil Nadu. Starting from December 22, this means providing benefits like Roadside Assistance, special advantages on parts and labor costs, and extra care for cars.

More Time for Peace of Mind

Volkswagen India understands that cars affected by the floods may need more care. That’s why they’ve decided to give car owners more time by extending the warranty and extended warranty coverage until January 31, 2024. This extra time aims to give car owners peace of mind, knowing their cars are still protected after the floods.

Your Choice, Your Way: Easy Insurance or Cash Claims

Volkswagen India knows that everyone has different needs. That’s why they’re offering a choice between easy insurance claims or cash compensation. This way, people affected by the floods can choose what works best for them.

Making Claims Simple with Insurance Partners

Volkswagen India is working together with insurance companies to make things easy. They want to make sure that getting money from insurance is quick and straightforward for people affected by the floods.

Help Right Away with Roadside Support

If you need help right away, you can call Volkswagen Roadside Assistance for free at 1800 102 1155 or 1800 419 1155. This direct line means that help is just a phone call away, showing Volkswagen India’s commitment to helping its customers.

Local Dealers Taking Action

In Chennai, Tirunelveli, and Tuticorin, Volkswagen India’s local dealers are doing special things to make sure that people get quick and good service. This means that people in the areas most affected by the floods get the help they need fast.

When times are tough, you can see a company’s true character. Volkswagen India is showing that character by helping its customers in Tamil Nadu. From extra service support to easy insurance claims, this shows a commitment that goes beyond just cars. As people affected by the floods work through the challenges, Volkswagen India is a reliable friend, giving not just car help but also being a light of support on their journey to recovery.

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