Toyota’s Vision for the Future: The FT-Se Electric Sportscar Concept

Explore Toyota’s vision for the future with the FT-Se electric sportscar concept. Unveiled at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, this concept car offers a glimpse of what Toyota’s electric cars might look like. From its cutting-edge design to the promise of a manual transmission mode, discover the innovations that could change the world of electric vehicles.

The car world is changing fast, thanks to new technology and a focus on being eco-friendly. At the front of this change is Toyota, a company known for making cool cars and coming up with new ideas. Recently, Toyota showed off a cool new car at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. It’s called the FT-Se electric sportscar concept. This special concept car doesn’t just show Toyota’s love for electric cars. It also gives a hint about what might come after the famous MR2.

A Peek into the Future

The FT-Se concept car is displayed next to another car, the FT-3e, which is an electric SUV. Together, they give us a sneak peek at what Toyota thinks cars will look like in the future. This new car is cool and not too big.

A Cool Design

The FT-Se looks very cool. At the front, you’ll see special daytime lights that go from the hood all the way down to big air openings below. The car’s hood also has a badge with the Toyota Gazoo Racing logo. The way the car is shaped is a bit like those sporty cars with the engine in the middle. In the back, there’s a big part called a diffuser, and it looks like there are air openings below the back lights. This isn’t just a good-looking car; it’s also made for good performance.

Technology Inside

Under the hood, the FT-Se has something called Arene OS. It’s a brand-new computer system that makes sure everything works well when you’re driving. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about making the car drive better. The FT-Se shows that Toyota loves coming up with new ideas and using technology to make things better.

Using a Manual Gearbox

For people who love driving cars, here’s some exciting news. The FT-Se will let you use a manual gearbox. This means you can change the gears yourself, which is fun. We don’t know all the details yet, but it’s clear that Toyota wants to make electric cars that are fun to drive.

Inside the FT-Se

Step inside the FT-Se, and you’ll see that it’s very simple and not too fancy. The seats are sporty and have blue covers. The part where the driver sits has a modern-looking steering wheel with two screens on both sides. These screens show you things like how fast you’re going and how the engine is doing. There’s also another screen that shows you even more info. The car has a computer system called Arene OS, and it’s all-new. What’s exciting for car lovers is that the FT-Se will have a manual gearbox, which means you can shift gears by hand.

A Car for Special People

Toyota hasn’t said exactly how many of these cars they’ll make, but it’s clear that they’ll only make a few. These special cars are for Toyota’s most important customers. This car is not just a car; it’s an experience. It’s not for everyone; it’s only for a few people.

A Good Deal

The price of this car is about €5.1 million. It might sound like a lot, but it’s not just for the car. When you buy the FT-Se, you also get two years of something called the Sport Prototipi Clienti program. This program takes care of the car, and you also get an engineering team that helps you when you go to a race. When you think about all of this, the price starts to sound pretty good, especially when you remember that the FT-Se is the champ of Le Mans and no Toyota car has been a champ there for 50 years.

In the End

The Toyota FT-Se electric sportscar concept is not just a look into the future. It’s also a sign that Toyota loves coming up with new ideas. Whether it’s how the car looks, the cool tech inside, or the fun of shifting gears, the FT-Se is going to change how we think about electric cars. It’s more than just a car; it’s a game-changer. Toyota’s ideas about the future are looking pretty exciting.

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