Toyota Rumion 2023 Review: How It Performs and What It Costs

Discover the Toyota Rumion, a fresh face in the MPV world. This blog spills the beans on its strong resemblance to the Maruti Ertiga, how it drives, and the interesting pricing details. Join us as we explore this new Innova family member and find out if it’s a smart way to skip the Ertiga’s long wait.

Welcome to our journey into the exciting world of cars! In this blog, we’re diving deep into the Toyota Rumion, the new kid in the MPV block. Part of the Innova family, the Rumion is making waves for its connection with the Maruti Ertiga. Stick around as we break down its outside appearance, uncover the comfy interior, cruise through its performance, and untangle the pricing puzzle. Our mission? To figure out if the Rumion is more than just a copycat.

The Toyota Rumion Unveiled: A Newcomer in the Innova Family

Looks: Spotting the Unseen

At first glance, the Rumion might seem like a twin to the Maruti Ertiga. But there are subtle changes that tell a different story. We explore the redesigned front grille, triangular fog lamp spots, and dual-tone wheels that make it stand out. Can you spot these differences?

Inside: Where Comfort Meets Familiarity

Step inside, and you’ll feel a sense of déjà vu. The Rumion’s interior looks a lot like the Ertiga, but the Toyota logo on the steering wheel hints at something unique. We dive into the comfy seats, good design, and practical cabin with lots of storage. Is the Rumion’s inside just a repeat, or does it have its special touch?

Flexibility: The Middle Row Story

The middle row of the Rumion is flexible, with seats that slide and recline in a 40:60 setup. We explore the roomy middle row, the reclining seats, and how easy it is to get to the back row. How does the Rumion balance comfort and flexibility for passengers?

Performance: The Heart Under the Hood

Under the hood is a 103hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with mild-hybrid tech. We look at how it responds at city speeds, notice the lack of power during aggressive driving, and check out the 6-speed automatic transmission. Does the Rumion offer a fun drive, or does it struggle when you push it?

Fuel Efficiency: Miles Per Gallon Insights

We look into the Rumion’s fuel efficiency, praising its laid-back powertrain for encouraging a relaxed driving style. Drawing parallels with the Maruti XL6, we estimate real-world fuel efficiency. How does the Rumion do in terms of mileage, and does its auto engine stop-start feature prove helpful?

Driving Experience: Familiarity in Every Curve

Driving the Rumion feels like driving the Ertiga, with stability at cruising speeds and a decent ride quality. We look at its steering responsiveness and assess the overall driving experience. Does the Rumion carve its niche in terms of driving dynamics?

Pricing Puzzle and Conclusion: Figuring Out the Cost

As we wrap up our exploration, we tackle the lingering question of the Rumion’s pricing strategy. Is the cost Toyota is asking for justified? We compare the Rumion and Ertiga variants, look at the warranty offerings, consider the delivery dynamics, and reveal the price ranges.

Price Ranges:

  • Petrol-MT variants:
  • Base: Rs 10.29 lakh
  • Mid: Rs 11.45 lakh
  • High: Rs 12.18 lakh
  • CNG: Rs 11.24 lakh
  • Petrol-AT variants:
  • Base: Rs 11.89 lakh
  • High: Rs 13.68 lakh

Is the Rumion more than just a Maruti Ertiga with a Toyota badge? Let’s explore and decide!

In the big picture, the Toyota Rumion stands out as an interesting choice in the MPV world. As it competes for attention with its iconic Toyota emblem, extended warranty benefits, and a slightly higher price tag, the decision to go for the Rumion becomes a matter of personal choice. The car scene is changing, and the Rumion adds a special touch to the mix. Explore, decide, and join the car fans embracing this new chapter in the Toyota story.

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