Top 10 Small SUVs Dec 2023 – Leading Models and Sales Performance

Discover the coolest small SUVs of December 2023! Our blog spills the beans on the top 10 little SUVs, including favorites like Tata Nexon, Punch, Brezza, and more. Dive into the details and find out why these awesome cars are making waves on the roads.

As cars change, smaller SUVs are becoming really popular. They’re cool because they look good, drive well, and can do many things. In December 2023, there was an exciting competition among these smaller SUVs, and Tata Nexon was the winner. In this blog, we’ll talk about the top 10 small SUVs, sharing how many were sold and why people love them. These awesome cars are making driving more fun for people all over the country.

December 2023 Win: Tata Nexon Leads the Way

Tata Nexon was not just the best small SUV; it was also the top car and SUV in the whole country in December. Selling 15,284 units, Nexon set records and made Tata very happy. People really liked the new look of Nexon, making it the most sold car in 2023.

Tata Punch and Maruti Suzuki Brezza: Racing to the Top

Tata Punch also did well, being the third most sold car and second in its SUV group. Punch sold 13,787 units, a big 30% more than last year, showing people love it. Maruti Suzuki Brezza came third with 12,844 units, a good 15% more than last year. Hyundai Venue also did great, selling 10,383 units, which is 25% more than last year.

Top 10 Small SUVs (More Cars Sold Than Last Year) December 2023: A Big Look

Check out all the details about the top 10 small SUVs in December 2023, showing how many cars they sold and how much more than last year:

PlaceCar ModelCars SoldMore Than Last Year
1Tata Nexon15,28427%
2Tata Punch13,78730%
3Maruti Suzuki Brezza12,84415%
4Hyundai Venue10,38325%
5Maruti Suzuki Fronx9,692
6Hyundai Exter7,516
7Mahindra XUV3003,550-27%
8Nissan Magnite2,1506%
9Renault Kiger865-59%
10Kia Sonet10

Fronx, Exter, and More: Checking Out the Lower Half

Maruti Suzuki Fronx got fifth place with 9,692 units. This cool little SUV with a fancy look is getting attention since it started selling. Hyundai Exter got sixth place, selling 7,516 units, showing people like it in the busy SUV market.

The second half of the list saw Mahindra XUV300 selling 3,550 units, which is 27% less than last year. Nissan Magnite got eighth place with 2,150 units, which is 6% more than last year. But Renault Kiger sold only 865 units, which is 59% less than last year. The list ends with Kia Sonet at tenth place, selling just 10 units. But soon, when they announce the price for the new Sonet, more people will want to buy it.

Going into the Future with Little SUVs

In conclusion, the small SUV segment continues to witness a dynamic shift, with Tata Nexon spearheading the revolution. These top 10 performers not only reflect the current market trends but also hint at the evolving preferences of the modern-day driver. As we bid farewell to 2023, these small SUVs pave the way for an exciting automotive landscape in the years to come. Get ready to embark on thrilling journeys with these exceptional vehicles leading the pack!

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