The Urban Cruiser Taisor by Toyota: A Versatile Ride for Every Journey

Introducing the Urban Cruiser Taisor
Introducing Toyota’s latest offering to the Indian car market: the Urban Cruiser Taisor, a vehicle that brings both flexibility and affordability to the table with its two engine options. Take a closer look at its features, pricing, and what distinguishes it from its competitors.

Toyota’s Answer to Compact SUVs
Toyota Kirloskar Motor introduces the Urban Cruiser Taisor, a promising new entrant in India’s car scene. With its versatile offerings and competitive pricing, the Taisor aims to make a big impact in the compact SUV segment. Let’s dive deeper into the details of this new launch, from its engine options to its features, and understand its positioning in the dynamic Indian car market.

Unveiling the Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor

A Choice for Everyone:
The Urban Cruiser Taisor boasts two engine options: a regular 1.2L petrol engine and a turbocharged 1.0L petrol engine. This diverse lineup ensures that there’s an option tailored to suit various driving preferences, whether it’s saving fuel or seeking a punchier performance.

Affordable Prices:
Priced competitively, the Taisor starts at Rs. 7.73 lakh for the base model, extending up to Rs. 13.03 lakh for the top-tier variant (ex-showroom). Despite offering a comprehensive set of features, the Taisor remains affordable, making it an attractive choice in its segment.

Positioning in the Market:
As Toyota’s most affordable SUV in India, the Urban Cruiser Taisor finds its place between the Glanza and the Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Positioned as a value-for-money option, it appeals to discerning buyers seeking a blend of style, functionality, and economic sensibility.

How It Compares:
Competing directly with popular models such as the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, Tata Punch, and Hyundai Exter, the Taisor stands tall with comparable dimensions and performance figures. This positions it as a strong contender in the fiercely contested compact SUV segment.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor: Features and Specs

Modern Features:
Equipped with a plethora of modern amenities, the Taisor offers a seamless driving experience. Features include a large touchscreen infotainment system with wireless smartphone connectivity, automatic climate control, and advanced safety features like multiple airbags.

Engine Details:
The Taisor’s engine lineup delivers power output ranging from 90 PS to 100 PS and torque ranging from 113 Nm to 148 Nm. Transmission options include a 5-Speed MT/AMT and a 6-Speed AT, providing flexibility to cater to diverse driving preferences.

Exterior Style:
While retaining several features from its sibling, the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, the Taisor showcases its unique identity through subtle exterior updates. Notable changes include refreshed LED lights and a distinct grille design, enhancing its visual appeal on the road.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor: Prices (Ex-Showroom, Pan India)

Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor: Prices (Ex-Showroom, Pan India)

VariantPrice (Rs.)
E MT 1.2L7,73,500
E MT CNG 1.2L8,71,500
S MT 1.2L8,59,500
S AMT 1.2L9,12,500
S+ MT 1.2L8,99,500
S+ AMT 1.2L9,52,500
G MT 1.0L10,55,500
G AT 1.0L11,95,500
V MT 1.0L11,47,500
V AT 1.0L12,87,500
V MT DT 1.0L11,63,500
V AT DT 1.0L13,03,500

Affordable Luxury for Indian Roads
In conclusion, the Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor presents an attractive proposition in India’s compact SUV market. With its mix of versatility, affordability, and modern features, it aims to catch the eye of discerning buyers. As the automotive landscape evolves, the Taisor emerges as a promising contender, ready to make its mark and carve a niche for itself in the competitive Indian car market.

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