The Great SUV Comparison: Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV700, vs Jeep Compass

Join us on an exciting journey as we compare the Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV700, and Jeep Compass in a battle of strength, design, and innovation. Find out which SUV reigns supreme in this thrilling showdown.

In the ever-evolving landscape of SUVs, the competition is fierce, with each contender vying for the top spot. Today, we delve into a showdown between three heavyweights: the Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV700, and Jeep Compass. It’s a rematch of sorts, as we compare these SUVs to see how they measure up in terms of design, performance, features, and overall value.

Origins and Evolution

The journey of these SUVs began years ago, each carving its path in the automotive world. The Harrier, with its ‘more car per car’ ethos, emerged victorious in previous comparisons. However, times have changed, and now, with significant updates and the introduction of the XUV700, the stage is set for a thrilling rematch.

Exterior Elegance

Stepping into the arena, the Jeep Compass exudes sophistication with its sleek lines and timeless design. Despite its smaller stature, it holds its ground with distinct SUV traits and refined aesthetics. On the other hand, the Tata Harrier commands attention with its bold stance, LED lights, and striking design elements that set it apart on the road. Meanwhile, the Mahindra XUV700 makes a statement with its well-proportioned silhouette and attention-grabbing features.


Interior Comfort and Convenience

Inside the cabins, each SUV offers a unique blend of comfort and technology. The Jeep Compass boasts plush seating and a sophisticated layout, combining classic and modern elements seamlessly. In contrast, the Tata Harrier impresses with its spaciousness and attention to detail, albeit with some ergonomic shortcomings. As for the Mahindra XUV700, it elevates the experience with its airy cabin, premium materials, and innovative features like the boss-mode function.

Power and Performance

Under the hood, the Jeep Compass and Tata Harrier share a diesel engine, delivering robust performance and decent acceleration. The Compass, with its 9-speed automatic transmission, offers a spirited drive, while the Harrier’s 6-speed automatic feels refined and responsive. In contrast, the Mahindra XUV700 steals the show with its powerful diesel engine, smooth acceleration, and intuitive gearbox, setting a new standard for performance in its class.

Ride and Handling

On the road, each SUV exhibits its unique personality. The Jeep Compass excels in tight maneuvering and offers a balanced ride quality that appeals to driving enthusiasts. The Tata Harrier, with its Land Rover-derived chassis, handles rough patches with ease but falls short in sporty handling. Meanwhile, the Mahindra XUV700 impresses with its comfortable ride and car-like driving dynamics, making it a versatile choice for various terrains.


In the end, each SUV brings something special to the table. The Jeep Compass stands out for its rugged charm and spirited performance but lacks in value compared to its rivals. The Tata Harrier shines with its striking design and extensive feature list but falters in engine refinement and ride comfort. Ultimately, it’s the Mahindra XUV700 that steals the spotlight, offering a winning combination of power, comfort, and value, making it the undisputed champion of this comparison test.

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