The Anticipated Sedan Launches of 2024

Gear up for the unveiling of three exciting car launches in India this year from Maruti Suzuki, Citroen, and Skoda. Explore the new-gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire’s sleek design, the stylish Citroen C3X Cross Sedan, and the global debut of the fourth-generation Skoda Superb. Dive into the details of these upcoming automotive wonders that promise a blend of style, innovation, and performance.

The Indian automotive landscape is abuzz with anticipation as Maruti Suzuki, Citroen, and Skoda gear up to introduce their latest car offerings. These models not only promise aesthetic appeal but also come loaded with modern features, showcasing the industry’s commitment to providing top-notch vehicles. In this article, we take a closer look at the highly anticipated launches of the new-gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the Citroen C3X Cross Sedan, and the next version of the Skoda Superb.

Three Car Marvels Unveiling in India: A Closer Look

1. New-Gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire: A Fresh Outlook


The fourth-generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire is set to redefine the sedan category with its sleek and improved design, upgraded interiors, and a host of features. Drawing inspiration from its sibling, the new-gen Swift, it shares the advanced 1.2-litre three-cylinder Z12 engine. Available in manual, automatic, and CNG variants, the Dzire promises a flexible driving experience. Notable changes include a revamped front look, LED tail lamps, and 16-inch alloy wheels, making a bold statement on Indian roads.

2. Citroen C3X Cross Sedan: Blending Style and Practicality

Breaking away from conventional sedan norms, the Citroen C3X Cross Sedan seamlessly combines a stylish look with SUV-like high ground clearance. Positioned to compete with established models like the Honda City and Skoda Slavia, it sits on the widely used CMP platform. Powered by a 1.2L three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing 110 hp, it offers an engaging driving experience. Expected to hit the market later this year or in early 2025, the C3X Cross Sedan aims to balance style and practicality in the midsize sedan category.

3. Third-Gen Skoda Superb: Unveiling Excellence

Skoda recently revealed the fourth generation of the Superb globally, showcasing changes to its look and increased dimensions. While international markets enjoy hybrid engine choices, the Indian market eagerly awaits the fourth-gen Superb. However, the well-established third-generation Superb is set to make a return in the first half of 2024, emphasizing the excellence that Skoda consistently brings to the sedan scene.


As we anticipate the arrival of these three amazing cars in the Indian car scene, it’s evident that they focus on style, innovation, and performance. The new-gen Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the Citroen C3X Cross Sedan, and the upcoming Skoda Superb aren’t just cars; they represent a mix of design, tech, and power. These launches are set to create new standards, offering Indian buyers a variety of choices that cater to different tastes. Get ready for an exciting ride as the sedan category in India steps into a future of style, power, and class.

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