The All-New Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic

Embark on a thrilling ride with Citroen’s latest automotive masterpiece – the automatic rendition of the C3 Aircross. Delve into standout features, pricing insights, and discover how this addition redefines the allure for a diverse audience

Dive into the dynamic world of automobiles as Citroen orchestrates a breakthrough – the automatic version of its acclaimed C3 Aircross. This blog is your ticket to an exhilarating journey, unraveling everything from booking intricacies to anticipated enhancements in the driving spectacle.

Unveiling the C3 Aircross Automatic:

Booking Bonanza and Pricing Pizzazz:

For Citroen aficionados and SUV enthusiasts, rejoice! The automatic marvel of the C3 Aircross is now up for grabs, marking a pivotal moment for style, performance, and convenience seekers. Priced about Rs 1 lakh more than its manual counterpart, this automatic gem promises a silky-smooth driving extravaganza tailored for modern car connoisseurs.

Lock in your spot on this automotive adventure by booking now with a pocket-friendly Rs 25,000. Inside sources hint at first deliveries revving up excitement in the latter half of the upcoming month, amplifying anticipation for this grand unveiling.

Key Features and Market Magnetism:

Driving Pleasure Amplified:

The C3 Aircross automatic isn’t just a new transmission chapter; it’s a strategic symphony to elevate the SUV’s charm in a fiercely competitive arena. Boasting a gearbox tuned for seamless journeys, it’s set to make its mark in the top two variants, heightening the driving escapade for those craving both performance and panache.

Casting a Wider Spell:

The absence of an automatic gearbox has been a subplot limiting the C3 Aircross’s appeal. With this addition, Citroen sets its sights on a broader audience, especially those placing a premium on the ease of an automatic transmission in their SUV experience.

Under the Hood and Beyond Borders:

Powertrain Pulse and Global Roots:

The Indian iteration of the C3 Aircross automatic aligns its features with its Indonesian counterpart. The 6-speed wizardry, sourced from the illustrious Japanese transmission maestro Aisin, promises a dance of reliability and efficiency. Holding onto the 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine from its manual kin, the automatic rendition is set to retain the core power and torque specifications.

Variant Marvels:

Whispers in the wind suggest the automatic prowess will grace the top two variants, leaving enthusiasts curious about potential power or torque tweaks in the Indian adaptation. As it rolls into the midsize SUV arena, the C3 Aircross automatic throws down the gauntlet, challenging stalwarts like the refreshed Creta, Seltos, Taigun, Kushaq, Hyryder, and the Grand Vitara.

In closing, the unveiling of the Citroen C3 Aircross automatic marks a pivotal chapter for the brand and a spellbinding saga for SUV enthusiasts in India. With bookings underway and the first deliveries just around the corner, the thrill is palpable. This strategic stroke not only caters to the cravings of the modern market but also establishes Citroen as a brand tuned into the evolving preferences of its customers. As we eagerly anticipate the driving exploits this new version promises, the C3 Aircross automatic is primed to create ripples in the automotive cosmos, redefining the benchmarks of comfort and flair in the SUV landscape. Get ready for a ride like never before!

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