Tata Motors Hits 46,000+ Sales in May 2024, Punch & Nexon Lead

In May 2024, Tata Motors achieved sales of over 46,000 units, with the Punch and Nexon models leading the way. Discover detailed sales insights and Tata’s exciting future plans.

Tata’s Strong May Sales: Over 46,000 Units

Tata Motors, a cornerstone of India’s automotive industry, continues to demonstrate its market strength and adaptability. The latest sales data for May 2024 reveals steady growth, driven by popular models like the Punch and Nexon. Let’s delve into Tata’s performance and explore the exciting developments on the horizon.

In May 2024, Tata Motors registered 46,697 units sold in India, a slight increase from the 45,878 units sold during the same period last year, marking a year-on-year (YoY) growth of 2%. Overall, Tata Motors recorded sales of 76,766 vehicles across both domestic and international markets, up from 74,973 units in May 2023.

Sales Breakdown

CategoryMay 2024 SalesMay 2023 SalesYoY Change
Domestic Passenger Vehicles46,697 units45,878 units+2%
International Markets378 units106 units+257%
Total (Domestic + International)47,075 units45,984 units+2%
Domestic MH&ICV (trucks & buses)12,987 units11,776 units+10.28%
Total MH&ICV (Domestic + International)13,532 units12,292 units+10.09%
Electric Vehicles (EVs)5,558 units5,805 units-4%

Key Highlights

  1. Passenger Vehicles: Tata’s passenger vehicle sales, including electric vehicles, totaled 46,697 units in May 2024, a slight increase from the previous year.
  2. Commercial Vehicles: In the domestic market, sales of Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (MH&ICV), including trucks and buses, reached 12,987 units, up from 11,776 units in May 2023. Total MH&ICV sales, including international markets, amounted to 13,532 units, marking an increase from 12,292 units a year ago.
  3. International Markets: Tata saw a significant growth in international sales, with 378 units sold in May 2024 compared to 106 units in May 2023, reflecting a YoY increase of 257%.
  4. Electric Vehicles: Tata maintained its leadership in the EV segment with sales of 5,558 units, despite a 4% decline from 5,805 units in May 2023. Tata continues to dominate the EV market with over 73% market share and a wide portfolio that includes the Tiago EV, Tigor EV, Nexon EV, X-Pres T, and the recently introduced Punch EV.

Future Plans

Tata Motors is gearing up for several new launches in both the EV and ICE segments:

  • EV Launches: The Punch EV, based on the Acti.ev platform, was introduced earlier this year. The Curvv EV is slated for release in the coming months, followed by the Harrier EV early next year.
  • ICE Launches: Tata plans to launch the performance-focused Altroz Racer soon. The petrol and diesel-powered Curvv is also expected to hit the market before the end of this year. Currently, the Punch ICE is Tata’s best-selling model, surpassing the Nexon.

Tata Motors Sees Growth with 46,000+ Units Sold in May

Tata Motors’ performance in May 2024 showcases its steady growth and robust market presence. With a strong focus on both electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, Tata continues to lead in various segments. The upcoming launches, including the Curvv EV and Harrier EV, as well as the performance-oriented Altroz Racer, signal Tata’s commitment to innovation and meeting diverse consumer needs. As Tata Motors forges ahead, it remains a key player in India’s evolving automotive landscape.

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