Skoda’s Exciting Plans in India: New Car Tech and Going Electric

Discover Skoda’s adventure in India as they explore the cool MQB A0 37 platform. Learn about how this flexible setup is changing the car scene, working alongside the existing MQB A0 IN structure. Join us to uncover Skoda’s move towards bigger, fancier cars and their promise to bring electric vehicles, shaping the future of driving in India.

As things change in the Indian car world, Skoda Auto is gearing up for an exciting new phase. Our focus is on the MQB A0 37 platform, hanging out with the MQB A0 IN structure, the base for India 2.0 models for Skoda and Volkswagen. In this blog, we take a deep dive into this new platform, its impact, and Skoda’s plan for an electric future in India.

Unveiling the MQB A0 37 Platform

The MQB A0 37 platform is a game-changer, made for places like India and South America, keeping things local. Early steps are happening, and the platform is expected in India after the India 2.5 project.

In a recent chat with Autocar Professional, Klaus Zellmer, Skoda Auto’s big boss, talked about the need to be quick in deciding on a new platform. He stressed building skills and keeping things moving.

Transitioning to Bigger and Advanced Vehicles

The MQB A0 37 platform is not just new; it shows Skoda’s dreams of bringing in bigger and fancier cars. Made to handle cool electrical and electronic stuff, it aims to meet the needs of those looking for a better driving experience, fixing problems with the current platform.

Future-Ready Features and Global Prospects

Beyond India, the MQB A0 37 platform is expected to help Skoda try out bigger cars and add petrol-hybrid engines, following the trend towards more sustainable driving. Like its MQB A0 IN buddies, cars based on this platform are set to go to many different countries, making Skoda a bigger player around the world.

Skoda’s Moving Forward

With a big investment of Euro 1 billion for India 2.0, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India is almost ready for the next big step. The move to a twin-track approach is a smart choice, with Skoda focusing on regular cars and Volkswagen on electric cars for India.

Electric Vehicle Plans for India

Along with these changes, there are plans for a Skoda electric car to show up in India by 2026, under the Volkswagen brand. This fits with the plan of having three different ways of making cars in the future: MQB A0 27, MQB A0 37, and MEB21 G for electric cars. This mix of choices means Skoda can offer cars for everyone, from regular engines to the cool world of electric cars.

In the end, Skoda’s look into the MQB A0 37 platform shows a big step forward in the brand’s promise to keep things new and cool. This fresh platform, along with a focus on electric cars, sets the stage for an exciting future in the Indian car world. As Skoda moves into these new spaces, it’s clear the brand isn’t just ready for change but is actively making driving in India even more fun and interesting. The road ahead is getting electric, dynamic, and promising for Skoda and all the folks who love driving in India.

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