Skoda and Volkswagen’s Cool Cars of 2024

Discover the cool world of cars as Skoda and Volkswagen get ready for an awesome lineup in 2024. From the big return of the Skoda Superb to the electric Enyaq iV and the tough but cool new Skoda Kodiaq, topped with Volkswagen’s ID.4 bringing electric luxury—this blog spills the beans on what’s next in driving. Join us on a ride through four new cars, each promising a fun experience, as we explore the latest stuff happening in the car world.

In the fast-paced world of automobiles, the collaboration between Skoda and Volkswagen continues to capture our attention. The anticipation is palpable as both brands announce a quartet of new launches for 2024, promising a blend of innovation, style, and performance. As we step into the realm of these upcoming releases, let’s unravel the details of each model and what makes them stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry.

1. Skoda Superb: A Big Comeback

Expected Price: Rs 50 lakh | Launch: Early 2024

The show begins with the return of the Skoda Superb, a car that left an impression and is making a big comeback. Priced at around Rs 50 lakh, this special edition has an updated 190hp, 2.0-litre TSI turbo-petrol engine. Although it’s not made locally anymore, it brings in top features like ADAS, a 360-degree camera, and adaptive chassis control. It’s a temporary move until the new-gen Superb arrives, promising new looks and cool features.

2. Skoda Enyaq iV: Going Electric

Expected Price: Rs 55 lakh | Launch: Mid-2024

Skoda is stepping into electric cars with the Enyaq iV, the brand’s first all-electric car in India. Priced at about Rs 55 lakh, this five-seater car has all-wheel-drive and a strong 77kWh battery. With an impressive range of over 500km and a quick 0-100kph time of 6.9 seconds, the Enyaq iV promises a fun and eco-friendly drive.

3. New Skoda Kodiaq: Tough and Cool

Expected Price: Rs 50 lakh | Launch: Late 2024

Late 2024 brings us the second-gen Skoda Kodiaq, dressed up with ideas from the ‘Modern Solid’ style. Priced at around Rs 50 lakh, this SUV promises a tougher look, more space in the third row and boot, and a fancy interior shared with the latest Superb. Under the hood, it has petrol and diesel engines, a plug-in hybrid, and a 1.5-litre petrol mild-hybrid, giving you lots of choices for your drive.

4. Volkswagen ID.4: Electric Luxury

Expected Price: Rs 55 lakh | Launch: Mid-2024

Volkswagen enters the electric luxury scene with the ID.4, expected to cost around Rs 55 lakh. Riding on an electric platform, this special import has strong performance, with electric motors at the front and back giving a total of 299hp and 460Nm of torque. With a claimed range of up to 480km on one charge, the ID.4 is set to change how we see electric luxury cars.

A Year of Fun Cars

As we conclude this thrilling journey through the upcoming 2024 releases from Skoda and Volkswagen, it’s evident that the automotive landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Whether it’s the highly anticipated return of the Skoda Superb, the electrifying allure of the Enyaq iV, the rugged yet stylish Skoda Kodiaq, or Volkswagen’s ID.4 ushering in a new era of electric luxury—each vehicle we’ve explored weaves a unique narrative of enjoyment and exceptional driving experiences. Brace yourself for a year brimming with excitement, novel innovations, and the assurance of a stylish journey along the roads of 2024. Keep an eye out as these remarkable cars redefine the driving future in India!

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