Ranking the Safest Cars and SUVs Tested by Global NCAP in India 2024

Explore the latest crash test results from Global NCAP for cars and SUVs in India. From the top-ranked Tata Nexon to the lowest-rated Citroen eC3, discover how these vehicles performed in terms of safety.

A Recap of Global NCAP Crash Tests in India 2024

Step into the world of automotive safety as we unveil the rankings of the safest cars and SUVs tested by Global NCAP in India for the year 2024. From groundbreaking advancements to critical evaluations, witness how these vehicles fared in crash tests and what it means for the safety of drivers and passengers across the country.

Rankings and Evaluations:

RankVehicleSafety RatingPoints (AOP)Points (COP)
1Tata Nexon5 stars32.2244.52
2Kia Carens3 stars22.0741
3Honda Amaze2 stars27.858.58
4Mahindra Bolero Neo1 star20.2612.71
5Citroen eC30 stars20.8610.55

1. Tata Nexon – 5 stars (32.22 points)

In a remarkable feat of safety, the Tata Nexon secures a stellar 5-star rating in both adult and child occupant protection categories. With significant improvements from previous tests, the Nexon sets a new standard for safety in the automotive industry.

2. Kia Carens – 3 stars (22.07 points)


Following enhancements to its restraint systems, the Kia Carens achieves a commendable 3-star rating for adult occupant protection. Despite challenges, its exceptional 5-star rating in child occupant safety showcases Kia’s commitment to passenger well-being.

3. Honda Amaze – 2 stars (27.85 points)

While equipped with ISOFIX anchors, the Honda Amaze receives 2 stars for adult occupant protection and zero stars for child safety. With room for improvement, Honda aims to enhance safety features to bolster its performance in future evaluations.

4. Mahindra Bolero Neo – 1 star (20.26 points)


Marked by structural instability and lacking safety features, the Mahindra Bolero Neo earns a modest 1-star rating. With critical deficiencies in child restraint systems, Mahindra seeks to address safety concerns for passengers.

5. Citroen eC3 – 0 stars (20.86 points AOP)

Facing significant challenges in safety features and occupant protection, the Citroen eC3 receives a disappointing 0-star rating. As the lowest-rated vehicle, Citroen aims to enhance safety measures to prioritize the well-being of drivers and passengers.

Guardians of the Road: Global NCAP Crash Test Rankings 2024 in India

The Global NCAP crash test results for cars and SUVs in India 2024 offer valuable insights into the safety landscape of the automotive industry. From top performers like the Tata Nexon to those with room for improvement, these evaluations serve as a crucial benchmark for manufacturers to prioritize safety features in their vehicles, ensuring the well-being of occupants on Indian roads.

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