Embark on a journey through the evolving landscape of India’s automobile industry in 2024. Witness the ebb and flow of trends, from the waning popularity of basic cars to the burgeoning rise of electric vehicles. Learn from industry leaders as they share insights and predictions, unraveling the challenges and prospects that await.

As we set forth into a new year, the wheels of change are in motion within the Indian automobile industry. The horizon is shifting, and discernible patterns suggest a departure from the familiar, steering towards a future propelled by greener, sustainable technologies. This blog endeavors to dissect the significant transformations, forecasts, and sentiments resonating within the corridors of one of India’s most vibrant and dynamic sectors.

The Shifting Landscape of Basic Cars:

A discernible shift is evident in the diminishing share of basic cars in the overall car sales panorama. From constituting approximately 14% in the 2018-19 period, this figure has dwindled to a meager 4% between April and October this year. Industry luminaries, including RC Bhargava of Maruti Suzuki, underscore the imperative of reinvigorating the small car segment to sustain industry growth.

Embracing the Green Revolution:

Post the historic highs of 2023, the Indian automobile industry is bracing itself for an upsurge in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Bhargava, while optimistic about Maruti Suzuki’s outperformance, accentuates the broader shift towards green technologies to align with carbon neutrality goals. Rajesh Menon of SIAM echoes this optimism, foreseeing a surge in EV market share across various vehicle segments.

Navigating Policy Horizons:

The industry’s gaze is fixed on policy support extending beyond March 2024, nurturing hopes for the continuation of the FAME Scheme. Menon elucidates the potential benefits for both consumers and the industry, acting as a catalyst for further expansion and diversification of product offerings.

Steady Growth Across Diverse Segments:

Insights from industry stalwarts, including Manish Raj Singhania and Vinnie Mehta, forecast steady growth in 2024. Singhania anticipates single-digit growth in passenger vehicles and two-wheelers, while Mehta emphasizes the ongoing transition towards electric vehicles within the auto components sector.

SUVs: The Driving Momentum:

SUVs, having asserted their dominance, are poised to gain further traction in 2024. Projections from companies like Hyundai suggest an industry SUV share exceeding 50%, indicative of the sustained popularity of these robust vehicles.

Luxury Aspirations and Electric Futures:

In the luxury segment, industry players such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi express optimism regarding the increased penetration of electric vehicles. Despite facing challenges, they anticipate a surge in EV adoption, with Mercedes-Benz expecting 2023 to be a banner year despite supply-chain disruptions.


As the Indian automobile industry accelerates into 2024, the road ahead unfolds with a tapestry of challenges and promises. The diminishing allure of basic cars hints at evolving consumer preferences, while the ascent of electric vehicles signals a pivotal transformation towards sustainability. At this juncture, industry leaders navigate crossroads, embracing innovation, green technologies, and fostering an optimistic outlook. In the coming year, the wheels of change will continue to turn, shaping the future of mobility on Indian roads.

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