New 7-Seater Cars: Coming Soon to India!

Check out the latest lineup of 7-seater cars coming to India this year from top carmakers like Kia, Toyota, Skoda, and MG. Learn about the cool features and upgrades these models bring, shaping the future of family-friendly rides in the country.

The Indian car market is about to see some interesting new arrivals in 2024, especially in the 7-seater category. Big brands like Kia, Toyota, Skoda, and MG are getting ready to roll out their latest models, promising better features, improved performance, and cool designs. Let’s take a closer look at these new cars that will soon hit Indian streets.

New 7-Seater Cars Launching in India This Year

  1. New Skoda Kodiaq:
    Skoda is giving the Kodiaq a makeover, both inside and out. Built on a fancy platform, this SUV will have more room inside and a fancier interior. Expect the same good old 2.0L turbo petrol engine that’s smooth and powerful.
  2. Toyota Fortuner Mild Hybrid:
    Toyota plans to add a mild hybrid version to the popular Fortuner SUV, aiming to save fuel and cut down on emissions. While we’re still waiting for details, this change should make the car run smoother and use less gas, possibly coming out later this year.
  3. MG Gloster Facelift:
    MG is giving the Gloster a fresh look inside and out. While the engine options stay the same, this SUV will get a modern makeover and better tech inside. Plus, MG is planning to introduce a new electric car around the festive season, adding more variety to their lineup.
  4. New-Gen Carnival & Kia EV9:
    Kia is getting ready to launch a new version of the Carnival MPV in India, alongside the EV9 electric SUV. The new Carnival will have a fancy new look inside and out, while the EV9 will travel longer distances on a single charge, setting new standards for electric SUVs in India.

Big News for Families: New 7-Seater Cars Incoming!

These new 7-seater cars are set to revolutionize the Indian market, offering families more options than ever. Packed with modern features, advanced technology, and stylish designs, these vehicles are perfect for families on the move. Get ready for the arrival of these exciting releases in showrooms later this year.

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