Meet the New Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic: Easy Driving Ahead!

Explore Citroen’s latest offering with the launch of the automatic variant of the C3 Aircross in India. Learn about its features, pricing, and how it compares to competitors in the market. Find out why the C3 Aircross automatic is a compelling choice for budget-conscious SUV buyers.

Citroen has expanded its lineup in India with the introduction of the automatic variant of the C3 Aircross. This blog explores the features, pricing, and competitive positioning of the C3 Aircross automatic in the Indian SUV market.

Unveiling the C3 Aircross Automatic:
Variant Options and Pricing: Citroen offers two trims – Plus and Max – with introductory prices starting from Rs 12.85 lakh (ex-showroom).
Premium for Automatic: The top variant, Max 7-seater, comes at Rs 13.85 lakh, commanding a premium of Rs 1.30 lakh over its manual counterpart.

Enhanced Performance and Features:
Engine and Gearbox: The C3 Aircross automatic features a 1.2-litre, three-cylinder turbo-petrol engine with enhanced torque output and a 6-speed torque converter sourced from Aisin.
Additional Features: Remote engine start and AC preconditioning enhance the driving experience, despite the absence of paddle shifters.

Competitive Pricing and Positioning:
Value Proposition: Citroen has strategically priced the C3 Aircross automatic to offer value to consumers.
Comparison with Competitors: Despite lacking some advanced features found in competitors, the C3 Aircross automatic remains competitive, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious SUV buyers.

The launch of the automatic variant of the Citroen C3 Aircross marks a significant step forward for the brand in the Indian market. With its competitive pricing, enhanced features, and familiar technology, the C3 Aircross automatic offers consumers a practical and reliable SUV option. As Citroen continues to expand its presence in India, the C3 Aircross automatic demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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