Maruti Suzuki’s May Sales Surge with Over 1.46 Lakh Units

In May 2024, Maruti Suzuki reported impressive sales of 1.46 lakh units, with SUVs significantly boosting the numbers. Explore the detailed sales breakdown and future plans of India’s leading automaker.

SUVs Drive Maruti Suzuki’s Impressive May 2024 Sales

Maruti Suzuki, India’s automotive giant, has consistently been a market leader, captivating consumers with its versatile range of vehicles. As we delve into the sales performance for May 2024, it’s evident that the company’s strategic focus on SUVs has paid off significantly. Despite some declines in other segments, Maruti Suzuki’s overall sales figures reflect robust growth and adaptability in a dynamic market.

In May 2024, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) recorded cumulative sales of 1,74,551 units. This impressive figure includes 1,46,694 units sold domestically, 10,490 units supplied to other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and 17,367 units exported.

Mini Segment Performance:

  • Models: Alto and S-Presso
  • Sales: 9,902 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 12,236 units
  • Year-on-Year Decline: 19.07%

Compact Segment Performance:

  • Models: Baleno, Celerio, Dzire, Ignis, Swift, and WagonR
  • Sales: 68,206 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 71,419 units
  • Year-on-Year Decline: 4.49%

Midsize Sedan Performance:

  • Model: Ciaz
  • Sales: 730 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 992 units
  • Year-on-Year Decline: 26.41%

Despite these declines, Maruti Suzuki saw remarkable growth in the Utility Vehicle (UV) segment. The combined sales of models such as the Brezza, Ertiga, Fronx, Grand Vitara, Invicto, Jimny, and XL6 reached 54,204 units in May 2024. This marks a substantial 17.21% increase from 46,243 units in May 2023.

Utility Vehicle Segment Performance:

  • Sales: 54,204 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 46,243 units
  • Year-on-Year Increase: 17.21%

Eeco Performance:

  • Sales: 10,960 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 12,818 units
  • Year-on-Year Decline: 14.49%

Super Carry Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Performance:

  • Sales: 2,692 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 2,888 units
  • Year-on-Year Decline: 6.78%

The collaboration between Maruti Suzuki and Toyota continues to thrive, with Maruti Suzuki supplying 10,490 units in May 2024, more than doubling the 5,010 units supplied in May 2023, marking a significant 109.38% increase. This surge is attributed to the supply of rebadged Ertiga, Baleno, and Fronx models to Toyota.

OEM Supply Performance:

  • Units Supplied: 10,490 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 5,010 units
  • Year-on-Year Increase: 109.38%

However, exports saw a decline, falling to 17,367 units in May 2024 from 26,477 units in May 2023, reflecting a 34.40% decrease.

Export Performance:

  • Sales: 17,367 units
  • Comparison to May 2023: 26,477 units
  • Year-on-Year Decline: 34.40%

Maruti Suzuki’s recent vehicle launches have been well-received, and the company is planning to introduce the new generation Dzire next. This will be followed by a seven-seater version of the Grand Vitara and an all-new electric SUV based on the eVX concept, which is expected to offer a 550 km driving range on a single charge.

Sales Breakdown

SegmentModelsMay 2024 SalesMay 2023 SalesYear-on-Year Change
MiniAlto, S-Presso9,90212,236-19.07%
CompactBaleno, Celerio, Dzire, Ignis, Swift, WagonR68,20671,419-4.49%
Midsize SedanCiaz730992-26.41%
Utility Vehicles (UVs)Brezza, Ertiga, Fronx, Grand Vitara, Invicto, Jimny, XL654,20446,243+17.21%
Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)Super Carry2,6922,888-6.78%
OEM Supply10,4905,010+109.38%

Record May Sales for Maruti Suzuki: SUVs in High Gear

Maruti Suzuki’s performance in May 2024 highlights the company’s resilience and strategic foresight in the automotive market. While certain segments faced declines, the growth in the Utility Vehicle segment and the strong partnership with Toyota underscore a positive trajectory. As Maruti Suzuki continues to innovate with new models and electric vehicles, it remains well-positioned to maintain its leadership in India’s automotive landscape. The upcoming releases promise to keep the brand at the forefront of consumer preference, driving the future of mobility in India.

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