Uncover the impressive December 2023 sales figures of Mahindra, as we analyze key models like the XUV700, Bolero, and Scorpio. This blog meticulously breaks down sales numbers, highlights notable growth, and provides insights into Mahindra’s evolving SUV lineup. Additionally, a comprehensive table showcases each vehicle’s performance, pricing, and market position.

Mahindra & Mahindra demonstrated outstanding performance in December 2023, particularly with key models such as the XUV700, Bolero, and Scorpio. In this blog, we will delve into the story behind Mahindra’s success, dissecting the sales figures, and analyzing the strategic model-wise breakdown. Additionally, a detailed table will provide insights into each vehicle’s performance, pricing, and market position.

Mahindra’s December 2023 Sales: A Detailed Overview

Total Sales Overview: In December 2023, Mahindra recorded a total of 35,171 unit sales, achieving a noteworthy YoY growth of just over 24 percent. Despite a 12 percent MoM decline from November 2023, where the company reached 39,981 units, Mahindra maintained a substantial market share of 12.2 percent, reflecting a YoY growth of 1.9 percent.

Scorpio Takes Center Stage:

The spotlight shines on the Scorpio range, a recent addition to Mahindra’s portfolio. The combined sales of the Scorpio Classic and Scorpio N soared to an impressive 11,355 units in December, showcasing a phenomenal YoY sales surge of 62 percent from just over 7,000 units twelve months ago.

Bolero’s Steady Growth:

The Bolero, a stalwart in Mahindra’s lineup, continued its consistent performance with 7,995 unit sales in December 2023. This indicates a positive YoY growth of 9 percent, reinforcing its position as a reliable choice for SUV enthusiasts.

Model-wise Breakdown (YoY):

VehicleYoY GrowthSales in December 2023Sales in December 2022
Mahindra Scorpio62%11,3557,003
Mahindra Bolero9%7,9957,311
Mahindra XUV7005%5,8815,623
Mahindra Thar72%5,7933,374
Mahindra XUV300-27%3,5504,850
Mahindra XUV400535
Mahindra Marazzo-64%62171

XUV700 and Thar Show Promise:

The XUV700 secured the third position with 5,881 units, reflecting a YoY growth of 5 percent from December 2022. The recently introduced 2024 MY XUV700, featuring new additions and revised prices, includes a six-seater variant with a middle-row captain seating arrangement.

The Thar, in the fourth position, exhibited remarkable growth with 5,793 units, signifying a substantial YoY increase of 72 percent. Plans for expanding the Thar range include the introduction of a five-door version with a more premium and spacious cabin by the middle of the calendar year.

XUV300 and Electric Offering:

On the downside, the Mahindra XUV300, awaiting a facelift, experienced a YoY decline of 27 percent, recording 3,550 units in December 2023 compared to 4,850 units in December 2022. The electric offering, Mahindra XUV400, managed a total of 535 units, while the Marazzo MPV posted 62 units, indicating a decline of 64 percent compared to December 2022.


In conclusion, Mahindra’s December 2023 sales showcase a robust performance, with key models like the XUV700, Bolero, and Scorpio leading the way. The strategic model-wise breakdown emphasizes the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer preferences. As Mahindra continues to evolve its SUV lineup, these sales figures underscore the brand’s resilience and strategic prowess in a competitive market. The future looks promising for Mahindra as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry.

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