Kia’s Electric Car Revolution: Meet the EV9 in Thailand

Check out Kia’s newest electric car, the EV9, now available in Thailand. Learn about its features, pricing, and Kia’s plan to grow in the Thai car market.

Kia’s Latest Electric SUV in Thailand

The automotive landscape is evolving, and Kia is at the forefront with its latest release in Thailand – the EV9 electric SUV. This signifies Kia’s commitment to sustainable transportation in the region. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of this significant launch and its implications for Kia enthusiasts and the automotive industry in Thailand.

Kia’s Electric Revolution: The EV9 Takes Center Stage

More Choices for Electric Driving:
Kia introduces the EV9 electric SUV in Thailand, offering two versions – the Long Range and GT-Line AWD, priced attractively between Bt3,499,000 and Bt3,899,000. A sneak peek of the EV5 adds to the anticipation, set to be fully showcased at the Bangkok International Motor Show on March 27.

Strategic Market Penetration:
Kia strategically entered the Thai market last year through Kia Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd, taking over from the previous distributor, Yontrakit Kia Motor Co Ltd. The aim is clear – capturing 5% of the Thai passenger car market by 2028, with electric vehicles constituting half of their sales.

Unveiling the EV9: Kia’s Vision for Sustainable Mobility

Crafted for the Future:
The EV9 is built on Kia’s Electric Global Modular Platform, featuring a fourth-gen 99.9kWh battery in both variants. Dimensions of approximately 5,015mm in length and 1,980mm in width offer flexibility, complemented by a choice between 20- or 21-inch wheels.

Power and Performance Simplified:
The Long Range variant delivers 200 horsepower with 350Nm torque, while the GT-Line AWD boasts dual motors producing a combined 379hp and 700Nm torque. Accelerating to top speeds of 185km/h and 200km/h, the EV9 promises both power and efficiency.

Driving Towards Sustainability: Key Features of the EV9

Extended Range for Longer Drives:
Kia claims the Long Range variant covers up to 535km on a single charge. A quick 24-minute charge adds 354kms of range, catering to longer journeys without frequent stops.

Smart Technology for Everyday Use:
Featuring a unique exterior design with captivating lights, the EV9 boasts a spacious display, digital climate control, and comfortable seating inside. Essential safety features add to the appeal.

Kia’s Newest Electric Ride: EV9

Kia’s introduction of the EV9 electric SUV in Thailand is a significant leap forward for both Kia and Thai car enthusiasts. With its appealing features, competitive pricing, and Kia’s ambitious plans for growth, the EV9 is set to make a substantial impact on the electric car landscape in Thailand. As Kia continues to evolve and respond to the evolving preferences of consumers, the future of electric mobility in Thailand looks promising. Stay tuned for more updates as Kia propels towards a greener and more sustainable automotive future.

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