India’s Upcoming Electric SUVs

Uncover the exciting future of environmentally conscious transportation with our detailed blog, spotlighting six new electric midsize SUVs set to launch in the Indian market. From the stylish Tata Curvv to the innovative Citroen eC3 Aircross, learn about these eco-friendly vehicles reshaping the way we travel.

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the automotive industry is adapting to embrace more sustainable practices. Electric vehicles (EVs) have evolved from being a niche concept to a significant player in the future of transportation. This blog takes a closer look at six eagerly anticipated electric midsize SUVs that are poised to make a lasting impression on the Indian market. Join us as we explore the unique features, capabilities, and eco-friendly innovations that these automakers are bringing to the forefront.


1. Tata Curvv: Paving the Way for Future Mobility

Launching ahead of its conventional counterpart, the Tata Curvv represents a leap into the future of midsize SUVs. Boasting an impressive electric range of over 500 km per charge and featuring dual motors in its top-tier models, the Curvv seamlessly blends futuristic design elements showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo with cutting-edge electric vehicle technology.

2. Maruti Suzuki eVX: A Glimpse into Sustainable Driving

Maruti Suzuki’s entry into the electric vehicle arena is marked by the eVX, introduced at the 2023 Auto Expo and later at the Japan Mobility Show. Available in both single- and dual-motor configurations, this EV claims a range of up to 500 km on a single charge. The eVX is not merely an automobile; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to a greener, sustainable tomorrow.


3. Hyundai Creta EV: The Dawn of Intelligent Electric Transportation

Set to debut in late 2024, the Hyundai Creta EV promises to be a technological marvel. Speculated to house a 45 kWh Li-ion battery from LG Chem, it might share design elements with the popular global Kona Electric. Hyundai’s foray into electric SUVs with the Creta EV is a step towards intelligent, green mobility.


4. Mahindra XUV.e8: Elevating Electric Driving to New Heights

Mahindra & Mahindra’s electric flagship, the XUV.e8, is slated for release by the end of 2024. Built on the INGLO platform, it aims to redefine electric driving with a projected range exceeding 450 km. Drawing inspiration from the XUV700, the XUV.e8 merges sleek design elements with the forward-thinking approach of an electric future.


5. Tata Safari EV: Adventure Meets Sustainability

Tata Motors is actively electrifying its lineup, and the electric Safari is a testament to this commitment. Expected to debut in late 2024 or early 2025, the Safari EV could offer a driving range of over 500 km. Drawing inspiration from the recently facelifted ICE Safari, it promises to combine adventure with sustainable driving.

6. Citroen eC3 Aircross: Redefining City Cruising

Citroen India ventures into the expanding midsize electric SUV market with the eC3 Aircross, likely to launch before the end of 2024. Akin to its internal combustion counterpart, the eC3 Aircross is expected to seamlessly integrate several features. This electric variant offers a fresh perspective on city driving, blending style with an eco-friendly driving experience.

In concluding our exploration of these six electric midsize SUVs, it is evident that the automotive landscape is undergoing a transformation towards sustainability. These vehicles not only showcase the capabilities of electric power but also reflect a shared commitment among automakers to create a more eco-friendly future. As we look ahead, these electric SUVs symbolize a positive shift toward cleaner, greener, and more responsible driving. Embrace the electric revolution – it’s not just a trend; it’s the way forward to a sustainable tomorrow.

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