India’s Top 10 Midsize SUVs of December 2023

Explore the success of India’s medium-sized SUV market in December 2023 with our breakdown of the top 10 performers. From the tough Mahindra Scorpio to the stylish Kia Seltos, find out about the SUVs that stole the spotlight, setting the tone for a thrilling automotive landscape.

Get ready for a journey through the exciting world of medium-sized SUVs, where December 2023 saw a big jump in sales and strong performances. In this blog, we dive deep into the top 10 medium-sized SUVs that ruled the Indian market during this time. From the impressive Mahindra Scorpio to the cool Kia Seltos, each car has its own story of success. Let’s uncover the stories behind these SUVs, exploring their year-to-year growth, sales figures, and what’s making them stand out in the car scene.

Decoding the Success: Top 10 Medium-Sized SUVs in December 2023

Mahindra Scorpio, Scorpio N (+62%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 11,355
  • December 2022 Sales: 7,003

Kia Seltos (+66%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 9,957
  • December 2022 Sales: 5,995

Hyundai Creta (-9%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 9,243
  • December 2022 Sales: 10,205

Maruti Grand Vitara (+15%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 6,988
  • December 2022 Sales: 6,171

Mahindra XUV700 (+5%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 5,881
  • December 2022 Sales: 5,623

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder (+18%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 4,976
  • December 2022 Sales: 4,201

Honda Elevate

  • December 2023 Sales: 4,376

Skoda Kushaq (+14%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 2,485
  • December 2022 Sales: 2,186

Volkswagen Taigun (-9%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 2,456
  • December 2022 Sales: 2,691

MG Hector, Hector Plus (+39%)

  • December 2023 Sales: 2,184
  • December 2022 Sales: 1,575

As we move through the numbers, the Maruti Grand Vitara stands out with a strong 15% year-to-year growth, securing a solid fourth position in the medium-sized SUV sales chart. Meanwhile, the Mahindra XUV700 continues to be a crowd favorite, boasting a 5% year-to-year growth with 5,881 units sold in December 2023.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder shows an impressive 18% year-to-year growth, selling 4,976 units, while the new Honda Elevate makes its presence known with a commendable sales figure of 4,376 units.

Skoda Kushaq sustains its positive momentum with a 14% year-to-year growth, selling 2,485 units, while Volkswagen Taigun faces a minor setback with a 9% year-to-year sales decline, selling 2,456 units.

Closing the list, the MG Hector twins (Hector and Hector Plus) steal the show with a noteworthy 39% year-to-year growth, selling 2,184 units in December 2023. These medium-sized SUVs are not just vehicles; they are symbols of success, defining the changing landscape of Indian roads.

December 2023 was a powerful month for medium-sized SUVs in India, showing the dynamic nature of the market. From the tough Mahindra Scorpio to the innovative Honda Elevate, each SUV brought something unique to the table. As we say goodbye to the year, these top 10 medium-sized SUVs have set the stage for an exciting 2024, promising more adventures, innovations, and road dominance. The car landscape is changing, and these SUVs are at the forefront, steering the way into a future of exciting possibilities on Indian roads.

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