Hyundai’s February 2024 Car Sales Report

Experience Hyundai’s February 2024 car sales report, analyzing popular models like the Creta and Venue. Within the detailed data table, find sales figures, year-on-year growth, and key trends that shape Hyundai’s performance in the dynamic Indian automotive market.

Exploring Hyundai’s February 2024 Sales Trends

In the swiftly evolving realm of the Indian automotive market, Hyundai Motor India Limited has carved its niche as a significant player. Known for its diverse range of vehicles tailored to various consumer preferences, Hyundai consistently endeavors to excel. As February 2024 unfolded, Hyundai’s sales reached noteworthy heights, with the Creta and Venue emerging as standout performers. This exploration into Hyundai’s sales report for February 2024 aims to unravel crucial insights and trends, shedding light on the brand’s trajectory in the dynamic Indian automotive landscape.

Hyundai’s February 2024 Sales Breakdown: Creta and Venue Shine

Hyundai’s sales performance in February 2024 demonstrated the brand’s resilience and adaptability in a fiercely competitive market. With a total of 50,201 units sold, Hyundai maintained its stature as one of India’s leading car manufacturers. Taking the spotlight, the Creta emerged as the frontrunner, solidifying its position as the preferred choice in the mid-size SUV segment. With an impressive 47% year-on-year growth, the Creta’s popularity among Indian consumers remained steadfast, selling 15,276 units. Following closely, the Venue continued to hold its ground with 8,933 units sold, despite a marginal decline compared to the previous year.

Model-Wise Sales Analysis:

No.Hyundai CarsSales in February 2024Sales in February 2023Growth Rate
1.Creta (47%)15,27610,42147%
2.Venue (-11%)8,9339,997-11%
4.Grand i10 Nios(-49%)4,9479,635-49%
5.i20 (-45%)5,1319,287-45%
6.Aura (-9%)5,0535,524-9%
7.Verna (3474%)1,680473474%
8.Alcazar (-17%)1,2901,559-17%
9.Tucson (-68%)157498-68%
10.Kona EV660
11.IONIQ 5860

Hyundai’s February 2024: A Sales Overview

Hyundai’s February 2024 sales report serves as a valuable compass, guiding us through the brand’s performance and the pulsating trends within the market. While the Creta and Venue continue to bask in their popularity, Hyundai faces diverse challenges and opportunities across its model spectrum. As Hyundai navigates the ever-shifting automotive landscape in India, the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Looking forward, Hyundai seems poised to sustain its journey of success, delivering exceptional vehicles and driving experiences to its ever-discerning Indian consumer base.

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