Hyundai Exter Emerges Victorious as Indian Car of the Year

Discover the excitement as Hyundai’s sleek Exter snags the Indian Car of the Year 2024, beating rivals like the Maruti Suzuki Jimny. Dive into the story of this compact wonder, explore its standout features, and learn how it emerged victorious at ICOTY.

Buckle up for a journey into the world of exceptional cars! Hyundai India has hit a homerun with the Hyundai Exter, clinching the prestigious Indian Car of the Year 2024 (ICOTY) award. Going head-to-head with the likes of Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Honda Elevate, the Exter emerged triumphant. Let’s unravel the tale of this stylish subcompact SUV, its impressive performance at ICOTY, and the features that set it apart on Indian roads.

Behind the Scenes at ICOTY: A Glimpse into the Decision-Making

Imagine the ICOTY award as a gold star in the automotive realm. In 2024, the Hyundai Exter proudly wore that star, courtesy of a discerning panel of 18 car enthusiasts from India. Esteemed figures like Yogendra Pratap and Rahul Ghosh led the charge. Each evaluator had a pool of 25 points to distribute, ensuring a fair and straightforward evaluation. No car could sway the vote with more than 10 points from a single evaluator, keeping the ICOTY decision-making process transparent and unbiased.

Exter’s Grand Triumph: A Compact Marvel

In a field of formidable contenders, the Hyundai Exter not only secured the first runner-up position but also claimed the top spot as the Indian Car of the Year 2024. Outperforming rivals such as the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, Honda Elevate, and Toyota Innova Hycross, the Exter showcased its prowess in the fiercely competitive automotive landscape.

Under the Hood: Power and Performance Insights

The Exter’s success story isn’t just about accolades; it’s rooted in a delightful driving experience. Propelled by a compact yet robust 1.2-liter engine, the Exter delivers an impressive 83bhp and 113.8Nm of torque. Drivers can choose between a user-friendly 5-speed manual or automatic (AMT) gearbox. Additionally, the option of a CNG powertrain variant caters to those seeking a greener drive, albeit with a slightly reduced power output.

Luxury Meets Utility: A Look at the Noteworthy Features

Beyond its performance on the road, the Exter stands out for its blend of luxury and utility. From vibrant LED lighting and a spacious sunroof to climate control, a dashboard camera, rear-AC vents, and a convenient wireless phone charger, the Exter caters to the modern driver’s needs.

A Triumph for Hyundai and the Exter
In conclusion, the Indian Car of the Year 2024 award is not just a win for Hyundai; it’s a celebration of automotive brilliance. The Hyundai Exter has etched its name as a leader among subcompact SUVs. This victory is a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to crafting exceptional vehicles, and the Exter stands tall as a winner on Indian roads. As we revel in this triumph, the road ahead for the Exter promises continued success and recognition in the dynamic world of automobiles.

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