Honda Elevate vs. Midsize SUV Rivals: A Comprehensive Comparison

Compare the Honda Elevate with its midsize SUV rivals: Maruti Grand Vitara, Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta, and Volkswagen Taigun. Explore their design, features, powertrains, and more in this comprehensive comparison.

Exploring the Honda Elevate and Its Midsize SUV Competition: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the ever-expanding world of midsize SUVs, the decision-making process for buyers has become increasingly intricate. The entrance of the capable Honda Elevate has further complicated this landscape, offering a compelling option among the myriad choices. To gain insight into where the new Elevate stands amidst this crowded segment, we’ve brought it together with its closest competitors.

Lineup Overview

Our lineup includes the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, representing its twin from Toyota, the Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Also joining the fray is Kia’s Seltos, freshly updated and brimming with features. From the Volkswagen Group, we have the Taigun, which also stands in for its sibling, the Skoda Kushaq. Rounding off our comparison is the enduring segment champion, Hyundai’s Creta.

New contenders in the midsize SUV category have squarely set their sights on the established leaders, the Creta and Seltos. Unfortunately, MG did not have an Astor available for our comparison, and while we were eager to include the new Citroën C3 Aircross, its absence in the petrol-automatic variant—the preferred specification for this comparison—prevented its inclusion.

Evaluation Approach

In our evaluation, we will scrutinize these SUVs across a broad spectrum of criteria to identify the model that offers the most well-rounded package.

Midsize SUV Comparison: Exterior Design

Each of these models adheres to the SUV template with their high-set bonnets, upright stances, and distinct shapes. However, they each take unique styling approaches.

Honda Elevate

The Honda Elevate, while not as flamboyant as some of its counterparts, commands attention with its prominent grille, muscular bonnet, and refined surfacing. Its impressive stance is further accentuated by class-leading 220mm ground clearance.

Maruti Grand Vitara

The Maruti Grand Vitara boasts a distinctive front end with its two-part grille and split headlights, presenting a smartly turned-out SUV overall.

Volkswagen Taigun

The Volkswagen Taigun, reminiscent of an expat colleague dressed for a festive occasion, blends clean lines and crisp details in a classic Volkswagen manner, with a touch of lavish chrome.

Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta

The Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta, being cousins, present the most substantial appearance in this lineup. The recent styling update for the Seltos has refreshed its look, while the Creta retains a polarizing look even three years after its launch.

Midsize SUV Comparison: Interior Design

Upon initial glance, the interiors of these SUVs may not dazzle, but closer inspection reveals unique qualities.

Honda Elevate

The Honda Elevate’s interior reveals a thoughtful arrangement of elements. The seats are supremely cushioned, offering an excellent driving position.

Maruti Grand Vitara

The Maruti Grand Vitara impresses with a stylish layered dashboard and generous use of soft-touch materials.

Volkswagen Taigun

The Volkswagen Taigun presents a sporty vibe in its interior design, aligning well with the driving experience.

Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta

The Seltos and Creta offer roomier interiors, with the Seltos featuring a new curved screen arrangement and the Creta showcasing smart dashboard design.

Midsize SUV Comparison: Features and Technology

All SUVs in this comparison come well-equipped with key features, yet each model offers unique additions.

Feature Overview

Here’s a snapshot of the key features across the models:

ModelKey Features
Honda Elevate– Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)
– Touchscreen infotainment system with wireless connectivity
– Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility
– Leatherette upholstery
– Sunroof
Maruti Grand Vitara– 360-degree camera
– Digital dials
– Ventilated front seats
– Wireless phone charger
– Leatherette upholstery
– Sunroof
Kia Seltos– Dual-zone climate control
– Digital instrument cluster
– Onboard air purifier
– Front and rear parking sensors
– Leatherette upholstery
– Sunroof
Hyundai Creta– Front seat ventilation
– Electric parking brake
– Bose sound system
– Leatherette upholstery
– Sunroof
Volkswagen Taigun– Powered front seats
– Seat ventilation system
– Upgraded sound system with amplifier and subwoofer
– Wireless phone charging
– Leatherette upholstery
– Sunroof

Midsize SUV Comparison: Safety Features

Safety is paramount, and each model comes equipped with a range of features.

Safety Equipment

ModelSafety Features
Honda Elevate– Six airbags
– ABS with EBD
– Vehicle stability control
– Hill start assist
– Reverse parking camera with guidelines
Maruti Grand Vitara– Six airbags
– ABS with EBD
– Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
– Hill hold control
– 360-degree camera
Kia Seltos– Six airbags
– ABS with EBD
– Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
– Hill start assist control
– Reverse parking camera with guidelines
Hyundai Creta– Six airbags
– ABS with EBD
– Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
– Vehicle stability management
– Hill start assist control
– Reverse parking camera with guidelines
Volkswagen Taigun– Six airbags
– ABS with EBD
– Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
– Hill hold control
– Reverse parking camera with guidelines

Midsize SUV Comparison: Powertrains and Performance

A glance at the power and performance of each model’s engine and transmission.

Powertrain Specs

ModelEngineTransmissionPower OutputTorque Output
Honda Elevate1.5L Naturally AspiratedCVT120 hp145 Nm
Maruti Grand Vitara1.5L Mild-Hybrid PetrolAutomatic103 hp138 Nm
Kia Seltos1.5L iVT PetrolAutomatic115 hp144 Nm
Hyundai Creta1.5L iVT PetrolCVT115 hp144 Nm
Volkswagen Taigun1.0L TSI PetrolDSG Automatic113 hp178 Nm

Midsize SUV Comparison: Ride and Handling

Exploring the ride quality and handling characteristics of each SUV.

Ride and Handling

ModelRide and Handling
Honda Elevate– Composed and comfortable demeanor
– Plush ride quality
– Stable at higher speeds
Maruti Grand Vitara– Balance between comfort and agility
– Stable during cornering
– Steering could use more feedback
Kia Seltos– Well-tuned suspension
– Comfortable ride on various road surfaces
– Stable at high speeds with minimal body roll
Hyundai Creta– Comfortable ride with good suspension setup
– Responsive steering adds to the driving experience
– Ideal for city commutes and highway journeys
Volkswagen Taigun– Precise and responsive steering
– Sporty yet comfortable ride
– Minimal body roll with excellent stability

Midsize SUV Comparison: Verdict

Summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of each model for potential buyers.


After a thorough evaluation across various parameters, each model in this comparison has demonstrated its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Honda Elevate: Refined driving experience, spacious interior, competitive pricing.
  • Maruti Grand Vitara: Excellent efficiency, feature-rich package, room for improvement in cabin materials.
  • Kia Seltos: Well-rounded package, spacious and feature-packed interior, excellent safety features.
  • Hyundai Creta: Spacious and feature-loaded interior, refined powertrains, upcoming update promises refreshment.
  • Volkswagen Taigun: Punchy performance, sporty handling, feature-rich package, premium pricing.

Ultimately, the choice among these midsize SUVs comes down to individual preferences and priorities. Whether it’s the refined comfort of the Honda Elevate, the efficiency of the Maruti Grand Vitara, the well-rounded appeal of the Kia Seltos, the enduring strength of the Hyundai Creta, or the sporty nature of the Volkswagen Taigun, each model offers something unique to suit different needs and tastes in this competitive segment.

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