Ferrari Unveils the 499P Modificata for Car Enthusiasts

Ferrari introduces the 499P Modificata, an 858bhp all-wheel drive hybrid hypercar available for car enthusiasts. Discover the details of this new, accessible hypercar.

Ferrari, the famous Italian sports car maker, has surprised everyone with its latest creation – the Ferrari 499P Modificata. This incredible supercar, born from this year’s Le Mans-winning 499P, is not just for professional racers. It’s designed for a select group of car lovers who have both a passion for cars and deep pockets.

The Sport Prototipi Clienti Program: Making Dreams Come True

Ferrari fans might already know about the exclusive XX and F1 Clients programs. These programs have allowed wealthy individuals to get their hands on fantastic sports cars like the FXXK or vintage Scuderia F1 vehicles. However, the 499P Modificata introduces a new program called the Sport Prototype Clients. This program takes the idea even further, making these amazing track cars accessible to regular folks. Yes, you read it right – regular people like you and me will have the chance to own and enjoy the thrill of the 499P Modificata.

Unleashed Performance with Freedom

Unlike racing cars that have to follow lots of rules, the 499P Modificata doesn’t have those limitations. This gives Ferrari the freedom to make it even faster. It has a strong 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine and a better electric motor at the front wheels. The result is a powerful 858 bhp, and you can use all of it with a button on the steering wheel called ‘Push to Pass’. It gives you seven seconds of full power. Even without this, the car still gives you a lot of power – 697 bhp. Most of the car is pretty much the same as the Le Mans-winning 499P.

Features and Design

The 499P Modificata still uses the same carbon monocoque chassis, a seven-speed gearbox, a push-rod suspension, and a fancy brake system. It also has an 800-volt battery that comes from Formula 1 racing. The way it looks and how it cuts through the air is almost the same as the regular 499P. Inside, there are only a few changes, like a digital rear-view mirror and a bigger seat. They even made special Pirelli tires for the 499P Modificata. These tires heat up faster and make it easier to drive on the track, even for normal drivers, not just racing experts.

Exclusive Ownership

Ferrari hasn’t said how many of these cars they’ll make, but it’s clear that there won’t be many. They are only for Ferrari’s most special customers, making them very rare.

The Price Tag

The 499P Modificata isn’t cheap. Each car is expected to cost around €5.1 million before taxes, which is roughly £4.4 million. But it’s not just the car you’re paying for. This price includes the car and also two years in the Sport Prototype Clients program. They will take care of the car for you, and there will be a team of experts to help you when you’re driving.


The Ferrari 499P Modificata isn’t just another supercar. It’s a racecar that’s designed for regular folks. It’s an affordable way for everyday car lovers to experience what it’s like to drive a car that’s won Le Mans. It’s super fast, very exclusive, and not too expensive when you look at other supercars. It’s a new chapter in Ferrari’s history and opens up a world of possibilities for people who love cars.

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