February 2024’s Top 10 7-Seaters: Ertiga, Bolero, Innova, XUV700

Dive into the world of 7-seater cars with the February 2024 sales report! Discover top performers like Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Mahindra Bolero, Toyota Innova, and Mahindra XUV700. Uncover trends and insights in this snappy blog post! 🚗💨

February’s Most Popular 7-Seaters

Welcome to the dynamic world of 7-seater cars! In February 2024, the automotive landscape witnessed a thrilling competition among industry giants like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Toyota, and more. Join us as we dissect the latest sales report, unveiling the top performers, trends, and insights that defined the market during this period.

1. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: A 140% Surge

In February 2024, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga claimed the throne with an impressive sales figure of 15,519 units, marking a remarkable 140% increase compared to the previous year’s sales of 6,472 units.

2. Mahindra Scorpio: A 117% Growth Story

The Mahindra Scorpio showcased a phenomenal comeback, securing the second position with combined sales of 15,051 units for the Scorpio Classic and Scorpio N variants, marking a significant 117% year-on-year growth.

3. Mahindra Bolero: A Modest 3% Growth

Mahindra Bolero maintained its steady stride, securing the third position with 10,113 units sold, reflecting a modest 3% year-on-year growth.

4. Toyota Innova: A 103% Surge

Toyota Innova witnessed a remarkable surge, with combined sales of 8,481 units for the Crysta and Hycross variants, marking a substantial 103% year-on-year growth.

5. Mahindra XUV700: A Noteworthy Ascent

Mahindra XUV700 showcased a noteworthy ascent, securing the fifth position with 6,546 units sold, reflecting a significant 45% year-on-year increase.

6. Kia Carens: A 23% Decrease

Kia Carens witnessed a decline in sales, with 4,832 units sold, marking a 23% decrease compared to the same period last year.

7. Maruti Suzuki XL6: A 94% Growth

Maruti Suzuki XL6 surged ahead with a remarkable 94% growth, with 4,093 units sold against 2,108 units in the previous year.

8. Toyota Fortuner: A Marginal Drop

Toyota Fortuner recorded 3,395 units sold last month, with a marginal year-on-year sales drop of 1%.

9. Tata Safari: A 112% Increase

The recently facelifted Tata Safari secured the ninth position, with 2,648 units sold – a significant year-on-year sales increase of 112%.

10. Renault Triber: A 28% Decrease

Renault Triber finished in the tenth position, with 2,205 units sold, marking a YoY negative volume growth of 28%.

Top 10 7-Seaters in February 2024:

RankModelSales in Feb 2024Sales in Feb 2023Year-on-Year Growth
1Maruti Suzuki Ertiga15,5196,472140%
2Mahindra Scorpio15,0516,950117%
3Mahindra Bolero10,1139,7823%
4Toyota Innova8,4814,169103%
5Mahindra XUV7006,5464,50545%
6Kia Carens4,8326,248-23%
7Maruti Suzuki XL64,0932,10894%
8Toyota Fortuner3,3953,426-1%
9Tata Safari2,6481,252112%
10Renault Triber2,2053,056-28%

February’s Family-Friendly Rides

The February 2024 sales report for 7-seater cars unveils a dynamic landscape characterized by fierce competition and remarkable growth. From Maruti Suzuki Ertiga’s stellar performance to Mahindra Scorpio’s resurgence and Toyota Innova’s remarkable surge, each model brings its unique strengths to the table.

As we look ahead, manufacturers will need to innovate and adapt to meet evolving consumer preferences and market trends. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to navigate the ever-changing world of automotive trends and developments. Until next time, happy driving!

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