Exploring the Tata Punch EV Experience

Explore the Tata Punch EV in this comprehensive blog, covering its features, design, performance, and more. Discover why this electric SUV stands out in the Indian market with its unique blend of style, technology, and competitive pricing.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Tata Motors continues to make significant strides with its latest addition, the Tata Punch EV. Positioned strategically between the Nexon EV and the Tiago EV, this compact SUV promises a seamless transition to electric power. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of the Tata Punch EV, from its dedicated EV platform and cutting-edge features to its design nuances and on-road performance.

Tata Punch EV: A Closer Look

Platform and Architecture:

At the heart of the Punch EV lies Tata’s Acti.ev architecture – a clear indication of the brand’s commitment to electric mobility. We explore the comprehensive re-engineering, featuring a flat floor design and a widened recess to house the centrally mounted battery pack, resulting in a 30% increase in chassis torsional stiffness for improved crashworthiness and a more comfortable ride.

Battery and Charging:

Unveiling two battery options – 25kWh for the standard variant and 35kWh for the long-range version – the Punch EV impresses with efficient packaging. Despite the limitations of the ICE version’s wheelbase, we uncover the use of cylindrical LFP cells, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Dive into the charging convenience with a CCS2 charging port, offering a 56-minute charge from 10% to 80% on a 50kW DC fast charger.


Beyond performance, aesthetics play a crucial role. The Punch EV retains the charm of the petrol Punch but undergoes subtle modifications. Discover the blanked-out grille, central charging port flap, and signature LED light strip on the bonnet. Explore the rear, sculpted and adorned with arrow-like tail-lights, showcasing Tata’s commitment to distinct EV design cues.

Interior and Features:

Step inside the Punch EV’s tech-infused cabin. Dual 10.2-inch screens take center stage, hosting the Arcade.ev suite and ensuring seamless connectivity with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The top-end variant boasts premium features like a 360-degree camera, an ‘Hey Tata’ voice assistant, and more, providing an immersive driving experience.

Space and Comfort:

Despite its compact size, the Punch EV prioritizes interior comfort. Front seats offer generous space, and the rear surprises with well-shaped design and ample under-thigh support. Explore challenges like reduced headroom, particularly in sunroof-equipped models, and the 366-liter boot’s spaciousness, coupled with concerns about the absence of a spare tire.

Performance and Handling:

The true prowess of the Punch EV emerges on the road. Powered by a robust 122hp electric motor, it delivers a silent and seamless acceleration experience. We delve into the driving modes – Sport, City, and Eco – catering to diverse preferences. Explore the regenerative braking system with four adjustable levels, adding versatility to the driving experience.

In wrapping up our examination of the Tata Punch EV, it’s clear that Tata Motors has exceeded expectations in the electric vehicle domain. With a dedicated EV platform, considerate design adjustments, robust performance, and a range of features, the Punch EV establishes its unique presence in the competitive market. Despite slight flaws in the cabin and controls, the overall offering is compelling, positioning it as an excellent choice for personal use and city commuting. Tata Motors has unquestionably hit the mark with the Punch EV, underscoring its dedication to sustainable and inventive mobility solutions.

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