Electrifying News: Hyundai’s Creta EV Set to Hit Indian Roads

Get ready for a journey into the future of electric cars in India as Hyundai, a leader in electric vehicles, gets set to step into the everyday electric car market with the Creta EV in 2025. Exciting details await, revealing the cool design and powertrain info of this anticipated electric SUV. Join us on a trip through the tech stuff that’s making Hyundai’s move into affordable electric cars.

Exciting Progress: Hyundai’s Jump into Everyday Electric Cars

As cars keep changing to be more eco-friendly, Hyundai is leading the way in making electric cars. They started with fancy electric cars like the Kona and Ioniq 5, but now, they’re getting ready to bring something new to India. In a big move, Hyundai is getting ready to show off the Creta EV in 2025, making their first everyday electric car. Today, we’re going to spill the beans on the Creta EV’s looks, how it works, and why it’s a big deal for electric cars in India.

Showing Off the Creta EV: Different Looks and Spy Picture Secrets

In our recent look at the Creta EV, sneaky pictures gave us a first look at the cool design that makes it different from the regular Creta. This exciting change brings a new look to Hyundai’s popular Creta model. The big reveal is set for the Creta facelift, making its debut on January 16, 2023.

Powering Up: Exclusive Info on the Creta EV’s Engine

Our secret sources spilled the beans on a crucial part of the Creta EV – a 45kWh battery pack from LG Chem, a big name in making batteries. They’re using the regular Creta as a starting point and making some changes to fit in the electric stuff. While the Creta EV’s battery might be a bit smaller than some others, it’s still a strong player in the growing electric car market.

More secrets revealed the electric motor in the Creta EV, similar to the one in the entry-level Kona EV from around the world. This means the Creta EV will have one motor at the front, giving it 138hp of power and 255Nm of twisty power.

Mapping the Road to Future Cars

As Hyundai dives into everyday electric cars in India, the Creta EV becomes a big deal, mixing style, cool tech, and a price that regular folks can afford. The 45kWh battery, special looks, and the shared electric motor show that Hyundai is serious about making electric cars for everyone.

Looking ahead, the Creta EV will show up around the world in the second half of 2024, and we’ll know how much it costs in early 2025. Going head-to-head with cars like the MG ZS EV and Maruti eVX, the Creta EV is here to stay, making a special spot in India’s growing electric car family. Hyundai is driving us into a future where cars are not just cool machines but also good for the planet. Stay tuned as Hyundai brings cool ideas and electric power to every corner of the Indian road.

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