Citroen’s Anniversary Extravaganza: Unveiling Discounts, Special Editions, and More!

Prepare for the latest buzz from Citroen! Delve into the world of affordable luxury and innovation with Citroen’s thrilling updates, including price slashes, the debut of the eC3 Blu Edition, and a party-filled anniversary extravaganza.

The Ultimate Citroen Party: Discounts, Exclusive Editions, and Festive Fun

In the ever-changing world of cars, Citroen has become a symbol of cool ideas and good looks. With a promise to give fancy stuff at not-so-high prices, Citroen keeps coming up with new ideas and tech. Now, as Citroen throws a party for being in India for three years, they’ve got some exciting news and fun stuff for everyone.

Unveiling Citroen’s Anniversary Extravaganza:

Celebrate with Savings: Citroen fans, get ready to rev your engines with excitement this April! The buzz is all about Citroen’s latest surprises and treats. First up, they’re slashing prices, making the Citroen C3 now kick off at just Rs 5.99 lakh and the C3 Aircross starting from a pocket-friendly Rs 8.99 lakh. It’s like getting a slice of luxury without breaking the bank!

Experience Luxury with the eC3 Blu Edition: But hold onto your seats – there’s more thrill coming your way! Citroen is unleashing the eC3 Blu Edition, a show-stopping variant of their electric ride. Picture this: a stunning shade of blue that turns heads on the road and plush interiors that pamper your senses. And as a big thank you to their loyal crew, Citroen is rolling out a referral program, rewarding you with vouchers and pampering your ride with a complimentary spa session.

Introducing the eC3 Blu Edition:

Looking Ahead to Safety and Innovation: But the fun doesn’t stop there! As Citroen continues to rock the Indian automotive scene, they’ve got their sights set on safety and innovation. They’re gearing up to give the C3 hatchback a makeover with automatic gearboxes, making your drive smoother than ever. Plus, they’re ensuring all their rides come loaded with six airbags for that extra peace of mind.

Celebrating Three Years of Citroen in India:

Join the Celebration: As Citroen throws a turbocharged bash to mark their three-year journey in India, they’re inviting everyone to hop on board the thrill ride of affordable luxury. From slashed prices to exclusive editions and surprise perks, it’s time to buckle up and join the Citroen party! Don’t miss out – swing by your nearest Citroen dealer and be part of the roaring celebration as Citroen continues to redefine the joy of driving for everyone, every day.

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