Bugatti Chiron L’Ultime: Celebrating the Legacy of the W16 Engine

Bugatti bids farewell to the Chiron with the ultra-exclusive L’Ultime, featuring the iconic 1,600hp W16 engine.

The End of an Era for Bugatti’s Iconic Chiron

In a grand farewell to one of the most iconic supercars of the modern era, Bugatti has unveiled the Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime. This ultra-exclusive, one-off edition marks the end of the Chiron’s production and the legendary W16 engine that powered it. With the introduction of the L’Ultime, Bugatti pays homage to a car that has set benchmarks in performance, luxury, and design. As the automotive world eagerly anticipates the debut of Bugatti’s new hybrid V16 hypercar, the L’Ultime stands as a fitting tribute to an extraordinary lineage.

Bugatti Chiron L’Ultime: A Lasting Legacy

One Last W16: Power and Performance

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime is powered by the same formidable 1,600hp, 8.0-litre W16 engine found in the Chiron Super Sport. This powerhouse has been synonymous with Bugatti’s unmatched performance and engineering prowess.

  • Power Output: 1,600hp
  • Engine: 8.0-litre W16
  • Top Speed: Over 400 km/h (estimated)

Unique Design and Exclusive Features

The L’Ultime edition features a bespoke exterior paint scheme combining ‘Atlantic Blue’ with ‘French Racing Blue’. This color split harks back to the Chiron’s debut in 2016, providing a visual continuity with the supercar’s storied history.

  • Hand-Written Elements: Unique inscriptions celebrating the places and events that shaped the Chiron.
  • Commemorative Badging: The number ‘500’ is hand-written on the body, wheel caps, rear wing, and engraved onto the engine cover.
  • French Tricolor Accents: Mirror wings featuring the French flag.
  • Distinct Grille: Finished in Atlantic Blue with a unique horseshoe mesh and centered stripes.
  • Interior Aesthetic: Different shades of blue mirroring the exterior, creating a cohesive and luxurious cabin.
Exterior PaintAtlantic Blue with French Racing Blue
Unique ElementsHand-written places and events; number ‘500’ inscriptions
GrilleAtlantic Blue with unique horseshoe mesh
Interior DesignVarious shades of blue matching the exterior aesthetic

Transitioning to the Future: Bugatti’s Next Hypercar

With the Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime, Bugatti marks the end of its W16 era. The automotive giant is set to unveil its next-generation hypercar in June, transitioning to an all-new hybridized naturally-aspirated V16 engine. This move not only signifies Bugatti’s commitment to innovation but also its willingness to adapt and lead in a rapidly evolving industry.

A Tribute to Excellence

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime encapsulates the pinnacle of automotive engineering, design, and luxury. As Bugatti bids farewell to the W16 engine, the L’Ultime stands as a testament to the legacy of the Chiron—a supercar that has captivated enthusiasts and set new standards over the past eight years. With the dawn of a new era on the horizon, Bugatti’s future looks as exciting and groundbreaking as its illustrious past. The L’Ultime is not just an end, but a prelude to the innovations that lie ahead.

Final Thoughts

The Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime is more than just a car; it’s a celebration of Bugatti’s heritage and a glimpse into the future of hypercar technology. As we look forward to Bugatti’s new hybrid V16 hypercar, the L’Ultime remains a symbol of engineering excellence and a fitting farewell to the legendary Chiron.

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