BMW 5 Series LWB Set to Redefine Luxury in India on July 24

BMW 5 Series LWB hits the Indian market on July 24! Learn about its stunning design, innovative features, and how it stands against competitors.

India Welcomes the BMW 5 Series LWB

Luxury car enthusiasts in India are in for a treat as BMW will launch the new 5 Series Long Wheelbase (LWB) on July 24. For the first time, Indian customers can experience the extended version of this iconic sedan, a model that has already made waves in China. Aimed squarely at competing with the E-Class LWB, the BMW 5 Series LWB promises to elevate the driving experience with its enhanced comfort, advanced features, and distinguished design.

A Look at the Design and Dimensions

The latest-generation BMW 5 Series LWB boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 5,175mm in length, 1,900mm in width, and 1,520mm in height, with a wheelbase stretching 3,105mm. This extended length, primarily added to the wheelbase, significantly enhances rear-seat comfort, making it 145mm longer than the standard 5 Series sedan. While the model in China serves as the benchmark, the Indian version will feature specific adaptations like a right-hand drive setup and potentially higher ground clearance to better suit local conditions.

Visually, the 5 Series LWB mirrors the standard model, maintaining its sleek and sophisticated appearance. The increased length is subtly integrated, ensuring the car retains its sporty and elegant look. Unlike the E-Class LWB, which has distinctive rear quarter glass and door designs, the 5 Series LWB maintains a cohesive look with its standard counterpart.

Feature Highlights: Elevating Comfort and Entertainment

Inside, the 5 Series LWB promises a luxurious experience akin to a first-class cabin. The China-spec model comes with a plethora of high-end features, many of which will likely be included in the Indian version. Notable highlights include 4-zone climate control, plush quilted upholstery, and a refined dual-tone interior design. The centerpiece of the cabin is a stunning 31.1-inch display that folds down from the headliner, offering 8K resolution and 5G compatibility. Paired with the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, this setup provides an immersive entertainment experience for passengers.

Competing in the Luxury Sedan Market

BMW’s introduction of the 5 Series LWB marks its second foray into the long-wheelbase sedan market in India, following the success of the 3 Series Grand Limousine. This new model will compete directly with the forthcoming E-Class LWB, positioning itself as a strong contender in the luxury segment.

New BMW 5 Series LWB: A New Era of Luxury and Comfort

With the launch of the BMW 5 Series LWB, Indian car buyers have a new benchmark for luxury and comfort in the sedan segment. Its blend of extended dimensions, advanced features, and elegant design ensures it stands out in a competitive market. As we eagerly await its arrival on July 24, the new 5 Series LWB promises to redefine what it means to travel in style and comfort.

Stay tuned for more updates and a closer look at what could be your next dream car.

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