Big Savings Alert: Tata Nexon EV Year-End Bonanza!

Discover big discounts on Tata Nexon EV Max and Prime, saving up to Rs 2.60 lakh. Learn about cash deals, trade-in bonuses, and see how Nexon EV compares with XUV400 EV. Also, check extra savings on the new Nexon EV, making it a good time for electric driving. Act soon, these deals are valid until December 31 or while stocks last!

Exciting News for Tata Nexon EV Fans

As the year ends, Tata Motors has some exciting news for electric car fans. If you’re thinking about the Tata Nexon EV Max and Prime, this is your chance. With big discounts of up to Rs 2.60 lakh, Tata Motors is making electric driving even more appealing. Join us as we explore these special offers, compare them with the competition, and look at the extra perks on the new Nexon EV.

Big Discounts on Nexon EV Max and Prime: A Closer Look

Tata Motors is going all out, offering generous cash discounts and trade-in bonuses on the pre-facelift Nexon EV Prime and Max variants. The Prime variant has a cash discount of Rs 1.40 lakh on all versions, with a trade-in bonus of Rs 50,000. Meanwhile, the Max variant goes a step further with cash discounts of Rs 2.10 lakh and the same trade-in bonus of Rs 50,000.

Breaking It Down:

  • Nexon EV Prime: Priced between Rs 14.50 lakh – Rs 17.19 lakh, now available between Rs 12.60 lakh – Rs 14.60 lakh after discounts.
  • Nexon EV Max: Previously priced between Rs 16.49 lakh – Rs 19.54 lakh, now within reach at Rs 13.89 lakh – Rs 16.94 lakh after applying the discounts.

Comparison with XUV400 EV Discounts: The Battle of Electric Deals

In the electric vehicle world, the Nexon EV faces off against its rival, the XUV400 EV. Both models are offered with tempting year-end discounts to clear existing stock. While the Nexon EV emerges as a budget-friendly choice for the lower-range model after discounts, the XUV400 EV takes the lead for the long-range version. Despite being the older contender, the pre-facelift Nexon EV stands its ground, presenting a compelling option with its unique strengths over the XUV400.

Extra Savings: New Nexon EV Facelift Discounts!

Adding an extra layer of excitement, Tata Motors extends benefits of up to Rs 35,000 on the facelifted Nexon EV. This offer is exclusively available on the mid-spec Fearless+ and Fearless+ S trims of both Medium-Range (MR) and Long-Range (LR) variants, priced between Rs 16.69 lakh – Rs 19.19 lakh.

Under the Hood: Power and Range of Nexon EV Variants

Curious about what powers these electric cars? The Nexon EV Prime is equipped with a 129hp electric motor and a 30.2kWh battery pack, boasting an ARAI-certified range of 312km. On the other hand, the Nexon EV Max steps up the game with a 143hp electric motor, a 40.5kWh battery, and an ARAI-certified range of 437km.

For the facelifted Nexon EV MR and LR variants, the batteries remain the same, but the range gets an upgrade to 325km and 465km, respectively. The power output remains consistent, ensuring a reliable driving experience.

Conclusion: A Grand Finale to 2023 with Tata Nexon EV Discounts

As we wrap up the year, Tata Motors has orchestrated a grand finale for electric car enthusiasts. The irresistible discounts on Nexon EV Max and Prime, coupled with the added savings on the facelifted Nexon EV, create a compelling proposition for those looking to make the switch to electric driving. Whether you’re captivated by the pre-facelift’s charm or enticed by the freshness of the facelifted version, these exclusive year-end offers provide an excellent opportunity to embrace the future of driving.

Don’t miss out on this electrifying deal – head to your nearest Tata Motors dealership and kick off 2024 with the promise of a new, electric driving experience!

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