A Comprehensive Review of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Strong-Hybrid

Explore the journey of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara strong-hybrid through our in-depth long-term review. Discover the groundbreaking Toyota-based hybrid technology, fuel efficiency, handling capabilities, and overall driving experience that set this SUV apart in the automotive landscape.

As we dive into the realm of eco-friendly and efficient driving, our spotlight falls on the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara strong-hybrid – our 2023 Car of the Year. In this comprehensive long-term review, we unravel the secrets behind its success, from its innovative Toyota-based hybrid technology to its impressive fuel efficiency and on-road performance, covering a distance of 13,700 kilometers.

Unveiling the Hybrid Marvel: The Grand Vitara Strong-Hybrid Difference

Proud Pioneer of Green Driving:
The Grand Vitara earns its stripes as a true trailblazer, featuring Toyota-based strong-hybrid technology that redefines efficiency and environmental consciousness. In a decade marked by innovation, this SUV has consistently stood out, seamlessly blending sustainability with robust functionality.

Fuel Efficiency in the Real World: Beyond Expectations

Impressive Figures:
Over the course of eight months, the Grand Vitara showcased exceptional fuel efficiency, achieving figures that defied conventional expectations. Averaging 21kpl to 22kpl, this SUV exceeded the norms for a petrol vehicle of its size. Notably, these stellar numbers were attained without the use of Eco mode, emphasizing the efficiency gains during deceleration and braking.

Performance and Handling: Navigating Roads with Confidence

Torque Deployment and Seamless Driving:
The swift deployment of torque from the electric motor became a standout feature, transforming city driving into a pleasure. The absence of a traditional gearbox contributed to a seamless experience, eliminating delays and enhancing responsiveness. The Grand Vitara’s ability to conquer challenging terrains showcased its resilience and agility.

Highs and Lows on the Road: Balancing Act

City Efficiency vs. Highway Challenges:
While excelling in city efficiency and offering an entertaining experience on winding roads, the Grand Vitara faced challenges on the highway. Flat-out acceleration and luggage space were identified as areas for improvement. The braking system, relying on regeneration initially, called for more initial bite and improved pedal feel.

Comfort and Interior Appeal: A Refuge on the Road

Cabin Comforts:
Comfort emerged as a strong suit, with spacious, cooled seats contributing to a delightful driving experience. The well-constructed cabin radiated durability, though some rivals may boast a more luxurious fascia. Minor inconveniences, such as sunlight intrusion through the sunroof and slightly challenging door closure, were noted.

Technology Quirks: The Duality of Innovation

Strong-Hybrid Tech Brilliance:
While technology played a pivotal role, certain aspects fell short. Clarity issues in phone calls via the infotainment system surfaced due to background noise pickup, signaling room for improvement. However, the star of the show remained the Grand Vitara’s strong-hybrid technology.

A Remarkable Journey into Efficiency and Comfort

Impressed and Satisfied:
In conclusion, our long-term experience with the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara strong-hybrid left us impressed. The significant leap in fuel efficiency, coupled with confident driving dynamics and overall comfort, positions this SUV as a compelling choice. Despite minor quirks, the strong-hybrid technology emerges as the true star, paving the way for eco-conscious and efficient driving. The Grand Vitara is more than a car; it’s a glimpse into the future of sustainable mobility.**

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